I think the apostle Paul would have texted or emailed Phillipi or Colassae if he had the technology.  Since there was no blogging or Paul Instagramming from prison in Rome, we are left with the very reliable writings of eye witnesses.  Today we have the tool of  technology.  And the most used vehicle is our cell phones.  I want to give you some apps that I use to help me be more efficient in ministry.


I know the phone is so personal.  Anyone in the ministry will be able to add their two cents and give an alternative app to what I suggest.  And their suggestion may suit you better than my suggested apps.  If you can get one helpful idea from my list then it’s a win.  These are the ones that have helped me unclutter my life, speed up some things, and connect me best.  So if you are in the ministry , maybe these can help.



Nothing can ever replace PRAYER AND TIME READING THE BIBLE.  But what technology should do is open up schedules and time blocks to do these necessary things.  

These apps have helped me. I hope they can help you.


One promise I can make:    someone will develop  better apps and next year’s list will be different.  These are my best for now:  


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David says in no uncertain terms “THOSE WHO SEEK HIM WILL PRAISE THE LORD” (Psalm 22:26).  Can that be any clearer.  If you seek God , then you will praise God.

Praise comes from prayer.

Praise has it’s origin in seeking God.

Which means if there is no prayer meetings then there are no worship meetings. 


Prayer is the greatest catalyst for praise.

A praying church is a praising church.  Good music does not mean good worship.  Good prayer gives good worship.  


I believe that the prayerlessness of the 21st century  church today has fostered all the gimmicks that are now happening on stage for the worship services.

We have to go to low lights, smoke, spots, and the concert like feel because our churches don’t praise anymore….they spectate.

Don’t believe me, just turn around during the songs and see who is lost in praise and worship.

Most congregants will watch but they don’t participate.

That is why lattes work at church now.  If you are really praising, you don’t have time for a latte.

It’s tough to meet the living God with coffee in hand.

They watch the show on stage but it never seems to seep into the audience.  My challenge to worship leaders is really look and see if the people are worshipping (not singing or swaying or twisting).  



So when a church does not praise, then you have to keep it entertained for the 20-30 minutes with all the peripherals.  This is exactly what AW Tozer said:

A church that can’t worship must be entertained; and people who can’t lead a church to worship must provide entertainment. 



Congregational Praise is so much more exciting and exhilarating than watching 7 people on a stage do it for you. If I want that from a stage then I will go to see U2 for their Songs of Innocence tour and maybe that will be just as “free” as their CD on iTunes.  


Who would be more exhilarating and enthralling than God showing up?  We have put so much stock in the stage that we have forgotten the people in the seats. And when we finally remembered the pews , we have tried to do everything we can to provoke praise instead of what the Bible clearly says….THOSE WHO SEEK HIM WILL PRAISE HIM.


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PAY FOR THE SALSA & CHIPS, THERE IS JUST TOO MUCH AT STAKE (The bigger picture of dishonest gain)

Our whole family recently decided to eat out and we went to Chili’s.  The children wanted to go there for their new dessert.  It is these pan cookies , served hot in the pan, with ice cream and syrup.  I think secretly I want to go but blame it on them.  While we were there we got the bill and we did not get charged for some of our items. 



Jesus and say “Jehovah Jireh, my Provider”.


To the waiter, “Excuse me , you forgot to put this on the bill”….secretly hoping he would say “just keep it don’t worry about it.” 


Even simple good sportsmanship can rise to the level of class act, as it did with tennis player Mats Wilander in the semifinals of the 1982 French Open. At match point, a shot by Wilander’s opponent was ruled out. Wilander walked over to the umpire and said, “I can’t win like this. The ball was good.” The point was played over, and Wilander won fair and square. (John Berendt, Esquire, April, 1991)


Wilander’s treasure was to hoist the French Open trophy in front of thousands.  It was his first chance at a Grand Slam title; he did not know that 6 more grand slam titles would come later. But this was the first, and he could have won the first with a dirty conscience.



Solomon says this in Proverbs 21:6

“The acquisition of treasures by a lying tongue

Is a fleeting vapor, the pursuit of death.”


Here it is in the Living Bible and The Message:


“Dishonest gain will never last, so why take the risk”

(Living Bible)



“Make it to the top by lying and cheating;

get paid with smoke and a promotion––to death”





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