Every Saturday night around the world, ministers are wondering what they will say when they stand up and speak to their congregations on Sunday.

It is a sobering thought that people are coming, and even bringing friends, to hear something that will challenge and change their lives.  

More sobering, they are hoping to hear something from God.



Technology can be a great aid in communication of the gospel but there is a dangerous trend happening.


What is happening today with young pastors is GOOGLE has taken the place of PRAYER. 

It is easier than ever to google a sermon than it is to get it from God. Many pastors today are saying what other men are saying instead of saying what God has spoken. 

Be careful of becoming so proficient on a Mac that you lost proficiency in prayer. Be careful of logging into Facebook everyday that you  forget to get Face Time with the One that really counts. 

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you with a passage before you go to sermon.com. Be more than capable of explaining Scripture with Scripture rather than connecting Scripture with video. 




Psalm 82 is a word from God directed to judges. These are powerful words and timeless (since God is timeless) and could very well be applied to those  judges that sit on the bench in America. There are some very anti God rulings and over turnings that are happening now, that God speaks to here in this chapter that was written some three thousand years ago, but reads like a present day editorial….only the writer of this editorial is God!


Be it the Supreme Court, an appellate court, county or local, this is God’s word for you.  From abortion to marijuana, you have Someone you must answer to; so you must be careful in what you decide. The majority opinion poll cannot be the only guiding force in decision making; and neither can your conscience.  The constant we make judgements by is truth.  And all truth is God’s truth as Augustine pronounced many centuries ago.  


You may not think you are accountable.

You may think you personally can decide what is right.

God has already declared in His inerrant Word what is right and what is true.

Remember, since God is timeless, His words are truth and His truth has no expiration date.


Your accountability is  not just to voters and constituents…..BUT YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE PRIMARILY TO GOD

And Psalm 82 is your reminder….God is sending a message to the court system of America.


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I love the verse in Matthew 19:26 “with man this is impossible BUT WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.”

What is exciting is what this verse is connected to.
This is a response to a question.
The question makes this amazing verse more amazing.
Here is the question from verse 25:  “Then who in the world can be saved?”
The disciples were asking this after the Rich Young Ruler walked away from Jesus.
They, probably thinking of others that needed to follow Jesus, asked this question that we also ask at times.
Our question will be more like this:  “Will my mother, my father, my family ever get saved?”
And the answer to that question is….

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