All it takes is .99 cents to change your life

The best .99 cent books you can download on your Kindle or iPad.


The books that I am listing here have life changing value on them.

They have a history of affecting people’s lives. So this is not just what they meant to me but what they meant to Christians through the centuries and around the world.

You can buy all 10 for under ten bucks. That is less then you will buy a regular current book for and now you get 10 proven, life changing books.

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I am serious. GET THEM ALL!  99 cents for every book I list.




  1. POWER FROM ON HIGH by John Greenfield…..this book is a small book on the history of the Moravians and Count Zinzendorf. It is amazing. These were the people that led John Wesley to the Lord.  It talks about their sacrificial commitment to missions and their famous 24 hour prayer meeting that lasted 100 years.
  2. THE LITTLE FLOWERS OF ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI……this is about the journeys of St Francis and the miracles of healing and deliverance that followed him.  The story of the wolf, Brother Wolf, is like no other story I have ever read.
  3. THE PRACTICE OF THE PRESENCE OF GOD by Brother Lawrence.  This is the book about a man that incorporated God into every part of his life. 
  4. ROBERT MURRAY MC’CHEYNE by Andrew Bonar…..this is one of the most amazing books.  It is the life and journal and sermons of this amazing Scottish preacher. His writings will challenge and warm your heart.
  5. THE JOURNAL OF JOHN WESLEY….I read John Wesley’s journal everyday. No one preached more, traveled more than John Wesley. From the great pulpits to the grassy fields, this man set 2 continents on fire with his preaching and started the Methodist movement.  Your heart will be “strangely warmed” as Wesley says.
  6. THE LETTERS OF SAMUEL RUTHERFORD….”reading letters doesn’t sound very exciting” you say. My response is “you have never read the letters of Rutherford.”  These are some of the most amazing writings you will ever read. Some of the great Puritan writers said that next to the Scriptures , this is the most inspired thing ever written.
  7. THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF CHARLES FINNEY….I read this as a teen ager and it set my heart on fire. It tells of his conversion and his calling and then how revival started all over the US. It is gripping stories of conversions and the pouring out of God’s Spirit.
  8. REVIVAL LECTURES BY CHARLES FINNEY….you won’t read anything better on revival than these lectures that Finney preached.  The sermons are gripping and did grip most of the US during the awakening.
  9. LECTURES TO MY STUDENTS by Charles Spurgeon….it is like getting counseled by Charles Spurgeon for the ministry. It is his teaching to the students they had at his college who felt a call to preach. He would go over once a week and minister and these are the things he said. You feel like his is talking to you directly.  
  10. PILGRIM’S PROGRESS by John Bunyan.  Next to the Bible, this is the greatest book ever written in my opinion. Spurgeon read it every year (I think some 50 times).  It is the best selling Christian book of all time after the Bible. It is the vision of a man imprisoned for his preaching 500 years ago about the journey of every Christian. I know you can get it for 99 cents and I think you can even download it for free.  



If you don’t have a Kindle, then download the APP on your iPhone and start reading.


My advice is to download all of them and then read one a month for 2013.

If you accept the challenge, you may be embarking on one of  the most amazing years of your life.


Go to Amazon , download, read and let the conviction, the challenge and the change come.

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