An Encouraging Word for Those Struggling with Sickness

Have you been sick?


Have you been struggling with some ailment or some diagnosis that has debilitated you?


Read these words from the great 19th century preacher, Charles Spurgeon.


I was reading one of his books just recently and thought I would share this with you.


This is Spurgeon on Sickness 

This sounds like nothing you would hear on Christian TV or radio today.

There is incredible strength in these words.


Charles Spurgeon said…..

“I doubt not that many sickbeds in our country are doing more for Christ than our pulpits. Oh, what showers of blessings come down in answer to the prayers and tears of poor godly  

invalids, whose weakness is their strength, and whose sickness is their opportunity!



I have often looked gratefully back to my sick chamber. I am certain that I never did grow in grace one-half so much anywhere as I have upon the bed of pain.


I think that health is the greatest blessing that God ever sends us, except sickness, which is far better. I would give anything to be perfectly healthy, but if I had to go over my time again, I could not get on without those sickbeds and those bitter pains and those weary, sleepless nights. Oh, the blessedness that comes to us through suffering!




It is an atrocious lie that some have uttered when they have said that the sickness is a consequence of the sufferer’s sin. I could not select, out of heaven, choicer spirits than some whom I know who have not for twenty years left their bed, and they have lived nearer to God than any of us, and have brought to him more glory than any of us. Although we deeply sympathize with them, we might almost covet their suffering, because God is so greatly glorified in them. All over the world there is a brave band of these burden-bearers.”


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