Why Satan Attacks Our Youth & Children

I want to switch gears a bit. I’m usually sharing so much on leadership, but in this video, I want to shift our attention as leaders to a major issue in the church today; the falling away of teens and young adults from Christianity. To address this very real issue, we need to take a look backwards and see the historical significance!

Is Suicide an Automatic Ticket to Hell?

You may remember we asked a poll on this question last week. Results can be seen HERE.

I grew up being taught that it is.

But is it true? Best place to start is “what sends you to heaven?” There is only one thing you can do to get you to heaven and that is trusting in the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

But isn’t the converse of that true?
If there is not a good deed you can do to get you there, then we must stay consistent. Going to hell cannot be from doing a bad deed, but because of rejection of the thing that Christ has done for us.

Once you start naming specific sins that send you to hell then you have just minimized and made less than it is, the transaction that Jesus covered for us on the cross between Him and His Father.

Let’s take a look at a person who committed suicide….Saul.
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Suicide Survey Results

We asked this question Monday on PassionForTheWord. SO many write in responses, I only listed the first several that were written in here. We will post the complete results of the survey later this week.

Though the survey is now closed, you are still free to comment on this post. Please read my COMMENT POLICY before writing in, as we reserve the right to remove comments at any time.

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