Over the course of my 30 years in full time ministry, I have been asked so many different questions from the body of Christ. Some of the answers I knew, some I had no idea, some came over time and some I still don’t know.  I thought I would establish a small forum of hearing your answers to some of the things I have been asked.

It’s not meant to be a platform for me to espouse some pet doctrine. It’s not meant to be divisive. It’s simply meant to hear how the Christian community thinks towards an issue. The simple reason I raise the question is not to invoke strife but to hear what the thoughts of the body of Christ is to a question that has been raised to me as a pastor over 3 decades of ministry. And I got a lot of them.

Also , can I just warn you about making this forum your platform either. This is not meant for you to convince everyone that participates in your vein of thinking. Share your heart and share your thoughts but don’t “dis” anyone’s comments.  Give people time to learn and digest.  No one ever came into Christianity knowing everything. Revelation is progressive.

The internet is an amazing tool. You can call upon thousands of people to help you with a question such as this or you can have years of research at your finger tips in a matter of moments.

But the internet is not inerrant.
Only the Bible is.

Please don’t say you searched a topic just because you googled it.  There are some answers that I have read from people and have heard from people that is a result of their google search… and I have read the same sites.  The ability to cut and paste can be great and it can be dangerous.  It’s one thing to read something and it’s another when you grasp something in the heart.

That being said, your comments and opinions are always welcome here at

In the event that I or my media staff feel that a comment or discussion is inappropriate, we will remove immediately at our discretion.




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