There is this amazing verse in Deuteronomy 3 that puzzles me and excites me at the same time.

It is the last book of the OT that Moses writes and this is what He says about God.


Deut 3:24 ‘O Lord God, You have begun to show Your servant Your greatness and Your strong hand…”


“BEGUN”! That’s the puzzling and crazy word.



Is that crazy? Does Moses really say those words all the way into Deuteronomy



Think about all that Moses has seen

He has seen the power of God more than any man on the planet until Jesus comes.

From the plagues of Egypt, to personal encounters with God, hearing the actual voice of God, wilderness miracles and the apex of miracles…. an entire sea opening down the middle.

Just think how many years and books of the Bible have been recorded before Moses announces this at the end of the Pentateuch. 

And he says “you just begun” to show Your greatness and Your strong hand


Is that crazy?


You mean there is more?

He can do a lot more?


Do you mean audible voices, oceans parting, nature being under His control, burning bush, feeding 3 million people a day for 40 years with no breaks or holidays is only the beginning?


All I can say is God is amazing

He is so much more than what you can imagine Him to be.

I don’t think any of us come close to doing or seeing the Moses miracles

And this man says “just beginning”


So that tells me…..I am not even at the preface or the introduction of what God can do in my life and those around me.  


Moses goes to Egypt in 1446 BC and Deuteronomy 3 is written in 1407 BC. After 40 years of miracles , it’s only the beginning. 


All I know are 2 things….


First, God is inexhaustible. Just when you think it can’t get any better and any more powerful, He’s just getting started. Never think God is done.


And  secondly,  I haven’t seen anything yet after 30 years of ministry. If Moses says this after 40 years and all that he has seen; oh my goodness, I feel like I’m not even a blip on the radar.  


Basically Moses was saying , through the Holy Spirit, “you haven’t seen anything yet…..I’m just getting started.”


  1. I totally get Moses. I was saved in 1991. And it is now, in 2012 that I have seen God’s power and hand working in my life in a new refereshing way. From what I can see, when you first accept the Lord, you are learning and growing in the Word. Than, the seasons of trials and temptations come where your belief in the Word is challenged. After that, God begins to show Himself in a new light that confirms that His Word is true. I love the Lord, and serving Him is soo worth it. I could never leave Him.

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