I Think I am More of a Berry Picker than a Shoeless Worshipper

Ralph Waldo Emerson once observed  that if the constellations appeared only once in a thousand years,  imagine what an exciting event it would be. But because they’re  there every night, we barely give them a look.

Familiarity breeds contempt




We have just lost the awe because it’s there every night….

Let’s look at scripture….


Psalm 19 says it this way in THE MESSAGE




1 God’s glory is on tour in the skies, God- craft on exhibit across the horizon.


2 Madame Day holds classes every morning,


Professor Night lectures each evening.


3 Their words aren’t heard,


their voices aren’t recorded,


4 But their silence fills the earth:


unspoken truth is spoken everywhere.

Elizabeth Browning wrote these powerful words…

“Earth is crammed with heaven.  Every bush is aflame with the fire of God, but only those who see take off their shoes.  The rest just pick the berries.”


I think I might be a berry-picker… God, help me to take off my shoes today and stand in awe of what You have done!!



1 thought on “I Think I am More of a Berry Picker than a Shoeless Worshipper”

  1. What a great devotion I has this morning on heaven with what you shared. Thanks Pastor. If you have preached a message on this one before…. Preach it again and again and again. We need to take our shoes off for this one too.

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