When was the last time you asked God for a fruit of the Spirit to be present in your life?

So many times we think them automatic and not something to be pursued.

I am a child of my Father, but my Father’s character
dominant and growing has some pursuit to it.

Have you ever asked God for self control, gentleness, meekness….
Oh my goodness, I don’t think I have ever asked for meekness.
That is why God wouldn’t let me inherit the earth… that’s for the meek, which I totally need.
I am not even sure if I know what meekness is.
That’s sad.

Just with that in mind, I wonder how many THINGS I’ve prayed for are delayed because the
THING WITHOUT THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT can prove to be my demise.

God is so smart as never to give me my request without
the fruit being present to manage the answer to my prayer.

I really believe we need the fruit to acquire the request.
Just me thinking out loud.


  1. Sometimes when we pray for fruits of the spirit like patience we find ourself in the midst of some very annoying situation which might be the very answer to our prayer.
    I once had an unsaved friend say to me because of the hurt and fustration I was enduring from others and not giving up on them “you are long suffering and I don’t mean that in a bad way” that’s when I realized God had granted me that fruit and I hadn’t even noticed.
    I will be sure to continue to seek the fruits I lack.

  2. I’ve noticed in my own life that when God points things out that I need to change in my attitude that it lines up with the fruit. If I prayed this more often then God wouldn’t have to keep telling me the same things over and over.
    Thanks for the awesome word Pastor Tim.

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