My Top 10 in Christmas Music

I consider myself an expert on Christmas music…just ask my wife.

Here are the top 10 of our favorite Christmas albums.

I have them in the order that we like them.


And I stand firm on the top 3….the next 7 can be debated but there is no debate on the first 3 CDs



1.  Nat King Cole “The Christmas Song”

2.  Michael Buble “Christmas” and “Let it Snow”

3.  Bing Crosby “Christmas Classics”

4.  Dean Martin “My Kind of Christmas”

5.  Steve Curtis Chapman “All I Really Want for Christmas”

6.  Johnny Mathis “Merry Christmas”

7.  Alan Jackson “Let it Be Christmas”

8.  Amy Grant “Home for Christmas”

9.  Billy Gilman “Classic Christmas”

10.  Carpenters “Christmas Portrait


***Always an honorable mention: SOUNDTRACK FROM “ELF”




Let me also throw in there the best Christmas instrumental


  1. Vince Guaraldi  “A Charlie Brown Christmas”
  2. Ramsey Lewis “Sound of Christmas”
  3. Glenn Miller Orchestra “Christmas With the Glenn Miller Orchestra”
  4. Russ Freeman “Holiday”
  5. George Winston “December”
  6. John Tesh “A Family Christmas”
  7. Boney James “Funky Christmas” & “Christmas Present”
  8. Dave Koz and Friends “A Smooth Jazz Christmas”
  9. Kenny G “Faith”, “Miracles”, Wishes”
  10.   Larry Carlton “Christmas at Home”



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