NO APOLOGY , NO JOB…Way to go Apple!

The words of Benjamin Franklin are amazing and true….

“Never ruin an apology with an excuse.” 



My pet peeve are people who don’t own it.  If you did it, apologize. We all make mistakes but not everyone knows how to apologize.


Yesterday’s article in the WSJ (10/30.12 “Apple Executive Exits Over Dispute on Map App”) in the business section is a great reminder of what happens when you don’t walk in humility and apologize.  You can even lose your job as an Apple executive did.


It is the front page story of Scott Forstall , Apple’s 43 year old executive, who was in charge of the launch of the new Operating System and the google maps debacle on the iphones.  He refused to sign his name to a letter apologizing for his shortcomings for the mess up of the mapping system.  He said let’s address the crisis without apologizing like Apple did when they sent out an iPhone a few years ago with faulty antennas.  Mr Cook was the first to sign his name to that apology letter; but Forstall would not apologize for the Google Map Mishap.

And for that reason they fired him.

Good for Tim Cook and Good for Apple.


Who wants to work , live, be married , walk in meaningful relationship with people who don’t own it.  

So many like Ben Franklin said “ruin good apologies with excuses.”


Ken Forstall, you messed up…own it.  No excuses.

You didn’t and you lost your job.

I am not rejoicing in someone’s misfortune but rejoicing that to a company that I support, humility and apologies are important to the leadership there. 

And those are the values for a company with liberal values.

We as Christians need to have higher values.


Lynn Johnston said “An apology is the super glue of life. It can repair just about anything.”


It’s amazing how many people don’t apply this super glue.




GK Chesteron, one of my favorite authors said this…

“If you want the last word….. apologize”


The problem is that since Scott Forstall would not apologize , his last word was “no” and the last word to him was Donald Trump like….


Maybe we will see Scott on Season 52 on the Celebrity Apprentice.

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