No Bible Verses on Signs at Football Games? Responding to what is happening in TX

Hold on Christians, our right to express our believes and convictions are being challenged again….showing a Bible verse at a football game is now being challenged.  The legal fight is starting in a High School in TX stating that no one can display a Bible verse at a sporting event. That means you won’t be able to look into the end zone and see “John 3:16” hanging over the side wall while the field goal is being kicked. 


 This is now being fought over in a TX court and could have national influence over all sporting events.  People have fought and won to remove prayer from opening football games and graduation ceremonies. They have also removed the 10 commandments from being displayed in any public schools; and now they are stating that someone can’t put up a Scripture reference in public.  


We have freedom of speech for every kind of self interest group but slowly the rights of Christians are being infringed upon and removed. 

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What is amazing, is that we are in a stupor over the condition of our young people today and wondering why we are seeing a huge rise in suicide, drug and alcohol use, and promiscuity.  You cannot remove God from schools and expect moral behavior.  Do Bible verses displayed at a football game magically produce character in our children?  Let’s not be silly, of course not.  But this is another assault to remove the influence of God from every aspect of our students life.  We are literally trying to make our public schools godless. Atheist groups wanting “God” out of the pledge of the allegiance and now verses off cheerleaders’ signs.  H Campbell Broun was right saying , : Nobody talks so constantly abut God as those who insist there is no God.”

 CS Lewis put it this way: “Atheists express their rage against God although in their view He does not exist.”


If there is no God, then why are they so worried.

A non existent Being can’t influence people if He is not there…….or maybe He is.


I love what GK Chesterton said:  “If there were no God, there would be no atheists”




2 thoughts on “No Bible Verses on Signs at Football Games? Responding to what is happening in TX”

  1. Thank you for fighting for God’s Word, Pastor Tim! I just heard you at my home church, Church on Fire Ministries, here in Harrison, OH. I LOVED hearing you and how your passion just shines! Thank you for sharing with us and of course, the world. You encourage me in my passions. May God continue to bless you. Till the next time….

    Carla M.
    Harrison, OH

  2. If there is no God, someone like me would not receive my deliverance! For God performed Major Surgery on me and fixing me up without the presence of any earthly doctors! A wizard flew into my 17th floor apt. but was prevented from touching me for when I was able to scream the ‘Name’ J E S U S! this wizard flew away through my window. So I will like an explanation from anyone who claims there is no God to please help me understand how what happened in my situation happened…

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