No Taboo Topics With God

I love this verse in Joshua 13:1

Right in the midst of conquering the Promised land it says…

Now Joshua was old and advanced in years when the Lord said to him, “You are old and advanced in years, and very much of the land remains to be possessed.



This is classic.

The verse starts off with “Now Joshua is old and advanced in years”

And then God speaks to him…and says….



Is that fantastic?

God always tells the truth.  Joshua you are old.

Can you imagine saying that to someone today?



When it comes to old age and weight we never tell each other the truth.  Those two topics are taboo topics amongst each other.

“You look great?”
“Have you lost weight? You look so skinny”

“All that gray makes you look so sophisticated”


Mark twain  once said “When your friends begin to flatter you on how young you look, it’s a sure sign you’re getting old”


God definitely did not flatter Joshua.

There is no taboo talk with God.

He will always tell you what is true about you.




 I have a friend in the ministry who is greatly used by God  and  who was very very overweight. One day he decided to  ask God about it.  He said “Father are you pleased with my weight?”

He felt God said to him….”of course I am pleased with you…

And your weight issue will allow me to see you 10 years earlier than you expected to come.”

He at that time went on a stringent diet and fixed it.


That’s  the way God rolls.

He doesn’t flatter.

He is always telling the truth.

Just ask Him.  

And by the way , even if you don’t ask Him, He will still tell you.


It wasn’t weight with Joshua but old age.

So it couldn’t be fixed with a diet.


 God starts in  not telling Joshua he looks so young for his age and that gray hair makes you look so wise.

God says you are getting old and we still have a lot of land to conquer….that is a problem.


God doesn’t flatter Joshua.


He had a job for Joshua and the expiration date on his life was approaching and he wanted him to know that we need to get going here and get aggressive so we can finish this before you die. 


The truth of the matter is , we don’t have a lot of time to waste in this life which is called “a vapor”.  

We don’t have time for backslidding.

We don’t have time for sin.

We don’t have time for selfishness.


There is still so many souls to be saved and a work to be done for God.


I am getting old.  I am approaching a half century.

I feel that I need to pick up the pace.

I still have loved ones that need God.


Once in a while , I need God putting the pressure on and simply telling me “Dilena, you are getting older, and there is a lot more stuff that needs to be done through your life….you can’t waste time.”


We all can use a Joshua kick in the pants.


1 thought on “No Taboo Topics With God”

  1. Amen. I love how God is always truthful, but never hurtful. He doesn’t
    manipulate, play mind games, or beat around the bush. He just always
    says it how it is. It is always for my good so that His will can be
    done in my life. That’s good news for me because I am terrible at
    reading between the lines. I love that I can trust Him to always speak
    what I need to hear. He is a good Father!

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