Did you know that God laughs.  The Bible tells us that.

But I think His laugh is specific.  It’s  one of those that says “you got to be kidding me” kind.  It’s the shaking of the head laugh that thinks “you are crazy.”  That’s God’s laugh.

Let me give you an example.  


Atheistic French philosopher Voltaire (the 1700’s) declared, “Christianity will be non-existent 100 years after my death.” 

But exactly 100 years after his death, the European Bible Society bought his house and turned it into the continents’ largest printing press for Bibles. Sounds like his house got saved, but too late for him.


Psalm 2:4 says:

“ He who  sits in the heavens  laughs, The Lord  scoffs at them”


I think this is one of God’s laughing moments like Psalm 2:4 speaks of. 

God just sat there (in heaven) and must have laughed at Voltaire’s words; and thought, “what would make this even funnier is for me to use his home to get the Gospel out…especially on the anniversary of Christianity’s funeral according to His prediction.”


It is as one of my Oxford professors said “So many try to exterminate God and later find out that He outlives His pallbearers”

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