PAY FOR THE SALSA & CHIPS, THERE IS JUST TOO MUCH AT STAKE (The bigger picture of dishonest gain)

Our whole family recently decided to eat out and we went to Chili’s.  The children wanted to go there for their new dessert.  It is these pan cookies , served hot in the pan, with ice cream and syrup.  I think secretly I want to go but blame it on them.  While we were there we got the bill and we did not get charged for some of our items. 



Jesus and say “Jehovah Jireh, my Provider”.


To the waiter, “Excuse me , you forgot to put this on the bill”….secretly hoping he would say “just keep it don’t worry about it.” 


Even simple good sportsmanship can rise to the level of class act, as it did with tennis player Mats Wilander in the semifinals of the 1982 French Open. At match point, a shot by Wilander’s opponent was ruled out. Wilander walked over to the umpire and said, “I can’t win like this. The ball was good.” The point was played over, and Wilander won fair and square. (John Berendt, Esquire, April, 1991)


Wilander’s treasure was to hoist the French Open trophy in front of thousands.  It was his first chance at a Grand Slam title; he did not know that 6 more grand slam titles would come later. But this was the first, and he could have won the first with a dirty conscience.



Solomon says this in Proverbs 21:6

“The acquisition of treasures by a lying tongue

Is a fleeting vapor, the pursuit of death.”


Here it is in the Living Bible and The Message:


“Dishonest gain will never last, so why take the risk”

(Living Bible)



“Make it to the top by lying and cheating;

get paid with smoke and a promotion––to death”





I think everyone is faced with this battle multiple of times. The battle of dishonest gain. The promotion and the money make it hard.  

And I believe the price gets higher and higher each time you win over the temptation to see what your sale price is for integrity.


I love this story about the ship captain being asked to smuggle drugs by a drug cartel.

 There was a ship Captain who had a regular route from California to Columbia. One day shortly before leaving for California some drug dealers sent him a message that offered him $500k to allow a small shipment of drugs to get through to the U.S. He quickly said no. On his next three trips they raised the offer each time until they reached $2 Million. He hesitated and said “maybe”. He contacted the FBI-and a sting operation was set up and the drug dealers were arrested. One of the FBI agents asked the Captain “Why did you wait until they got to $2 millionw before contacting us?” The Captain replied, “There were getting close to my price.”



Cindy and I have been sent refunds from the IRS by accident.  We have been given food at a restaurant that was not on the bill.  We have been given incorrect change to our advantage.  We have gone home with items in our Target bag that were not scammed.  

Some see these as “blessings” from the Lord…..I mean really do.  Others, like us, see this as “the getting of treasure by a lying tongue and deceit”.  And in each case sent a letter, returned the items, the money or informed someone.  It just wasn’t worth it.  IT WAS DISHONEST GAIN.  



Just to be clear….you don’t have to talk to lie.

You can be silent and lie.

It’s when you know the truth and either skew it or don’t tell it . It’s when the party that needs all the information to make a decision and you have it but don’t say it , relay it, or don’t tell all of it. 


I heard someone say this…


Something DIES when I LIE

What dies?

Conviction, Trust, Integrity, Honesty and Character. 




Here is the bigger picture of small dishonest gains like change, price switching on clothes, using non family discounts at retail stores works.  Jesus said, “whatever you do and how you behave on the smaller things will show how you will behave on the bigger stuff.”  You cannot say it was  only an appetizer on the Chili’s menu, “what’s the big deal”.  If Jesus was right, which I believe He was, then all of your other larger transactions can be tarnished.  


Jesus’ exact words in Luke 16:10 are:

10 “ He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much. 11 Therefore if you have not been faithful in the use of unrighteous wealth, who will entrust the true riches to you?”


The picture is even larger.  Jesus says how can you be trusted with “true riches” if you are not honest with the money decisions.  I think “true riches” can be calling, destiny, position and promotion.  Any one of these things is in jeopardy at your small dishonesties. 



I’ve played in tennis tournaments and watched grown men lie on line calls and scores just to win.  But what they did not realize was they were not winning.  They may win that game, set or even match but your little lies are going to reveal a lot more.



Little lies lead to really big lies in other things.

Little dishonesties have big consequences.


It’s the little stuff that you can’t overlook.


Zechariah 4:10 says “don’t despise the day of small beginnings”

Those days call for you to make “small” integrity decisions.  And those decisions will be life directional.  And the prophet says “don’t despise those days” because that is going to have life directional ramifications.  


Go with Jesus on this.  Get it right with the small stuff and then God can trust you with the big stuff.  Don’t sell out on an appetizer when there is destiny out there for you.  Pay for the chips and salsa so you can walk through every door that God opens. 


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