I’ve had people play word games with me in counseling.

“Were you in the city last night?”
Their response “No…”
(because it was in the afternoon).

Word games! 

“Did you steal $100?”
Their response , “No….”
(it was only $50 in their mind).

So because I did not ask specifically they think they are not lying by saying “no” when in actuality they know what I was asking.  It’s games.  You may be able to play games on me because I did not ask the question specifically.  But not Jesus…..

Jesus knows…
Nothing gets by Jesus…
Especially Peter…
It was ignorance vs Omniscience…
Guess Who won?

In reading this year the Weymouth translation of the NT , he does a masterful job in relating the conversation that Jesus and Peter had post resurrection of “Do you love me?”

There is a nuance in the Greek that is hard to catch
It is the interchange of “love” words…
As I was reading the Greek NT you can see the words clearly….
Jesus was asking “do you AGAPE Me?”
Simon kept answering with a different word “You know Lord that I PHILEO You.”
this exchange went back and forth twice.

And then the kicker….
Jesus asks Peter “Do you even PHILEO Me?”
And then it says, “It grieved Peter that Jesus asked him the third time ‘do you even PHILEO Me?’”

Jesus was challenging even the lower love.

The Weymouth translation catches this and gives it such clarity.  Notice the exchange of  “do you love Me?” and Peter’s response of “You are dear to me”

Nothing gets by Jesus…
He challenges us on every level…

You read it and see it for yourself

JOHN 21:15-17
15 When they had finished breakfast, Jesus asked Simon Peter, “Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these others do?” “Yes, Master,” was his answer; “you know that you are dear to me.” “Then feed my lambs,” replied Jesus.
16 Again a second time He asked him, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?” “Yes, Master,” he said, “you know that you are dear to me.” “Then be a shepherd to my sheep,” He said.
17 A third time Jesus put the question: “Simon, son of John, am I dear to you?” It grieved Peter that Jesus asked him the third time, “Am I dear to you?”

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