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We asked this question Monday on PassionForTheWord. SO many write in responses, I only listed the first several that were written in here. We will post the complete results of the survey later this week.

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I think it is difficult to give a definite answer to this question, because I don’t know the persons heart. Only God knows what this individual is thinking, feeling, and going through. I do believe someone can commit suicide and go to heaven, but not in every case. If I believe sin is sin, then is my salvation questionable if I tell a lie and then get in a car accident? However, not everyone who claims to be a Christian actually lives the lifestyle. I believe Gods grace would be more than enough to cover the sin of suicide if they had a personal relationship with God.
Even Christians have moments (many moments) of weakness. So, if the Christian gives the devil the foothold to speak lies and thoughts of suicide into them, and they DO try to commit suicide, WE don’t know the entire story. We can’t say someone goes to hell or heaven because we don’t know what’s going on in their mind. But God does. I do believe committing suicide is sin. You are murdering yourself and rejecting to believe that God loves you and is able to help, heal, and protect you. Is there time for repentance for them? But, what if, let’s say for example, a Christian gives up, wants to end their life and overdoses on pills. What if they swallow 500 pills and suddenly realize they want to live and repents of his/her sin and cries out to God again? If they died, everyone would just think it’s a hopeless hell-bound suicide. We wouldn’t see or know the heart of the person in its entirety. My friend has a brain tumor and was in a lot of pain. So, the doctor’s and hospital staff told her there is a painless death- to pull the plug. She asked them, “Won’t I go to hell?” Because in her heart, she knew she was taking her life into her own hands by setting a time and date for her death. But, the hospital staff told her she’d go to heaven. Her family believed pulling the plug was assisted suicide, so they were against that decision and did everything in their power to remind my friend of the hope she has in Christ. I’ve heard many takes on this issue, prayed on it, and looked through the scriptures, but it’s still complicated!
The unpardonable sin refers to the rejection of the Holy Spirit, which means you have rejected Jesus as savior. That will condemn you. All other sin is covered at the cross, so actually, this isn’t complicated.
I agree that if you kill yourself you will go to hell. I also agree with the statement that if you truly love God, you would not even go all the way with taking your own life. It is complicated because teens are still trying to understand their own identity and be comfortable with who they are in their own skin, and when someone is destroying what little character development they have, it makes them think they are worth little to nothing. If you look to Christ however, he says you are perfectly and wonderfully made! Nothing he creates is a mistake. He spoke life into existence and he always said, “And it was good.”
The only sin the bible is unforgivable is blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Since we are not the judge we will not know if suicide victims go to heaven or hell. What we do new is God is merciful, loving, and forgiving. But also just.
i think if the person was never introduced to Christianity, God, Jesus, just like a child, saved by Grace
It really depends on the situation. If a person is in a relationship with Christ that doesn’t mean that they don’t experience depression or some of the other driving forces of suicide. I believe many of those Christians who end their lives are influenced by drugs prescribed and not monitored closely by their doctors especially those that prescribe drugs for pain or depression.

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  1. Just a thought …if I go to work and really get upset at my boss and have some really bad thoughts…althou I haven’t acted out on it and God forbid get into a fatal crash oon the way home…I didn’t confess nor repent of my sin…I am dying with sin still in my life…or how about I look at a lady with impure thoughts, I’ve lusted which is a sin, and I again die before asking for forgiveness or repenting..does that mean I go to hell? We commits sins knowingly (is that a word?) and unknowingly…that is why some liturgical churches in their confessions ask to be forgiven for sins we know we commit and those we didn’t realize we did. A reformed thought.

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