Let’s banish this opening  phrase from our christian mouths: “you know I love you…” 

We all know what is coming next!

 It goes like this, “You know I love you but here is what you did that upset me.” This segue diminishes the words “I love you” because we are not thinking of what was just but what is coming next.


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NO APOLOGY , NO JOB…Way to go Apple!

The words of Benjamin Franklin are amazing and true….

“Never ruin an apology with an excuse.” 



My pet peeve are people who don’t own it.  If you did it, apologize. We all make mistakes but not everyone knows how to apologize.


Yesterday’s article in the WSJ (10/30.12 “Apple Executive Exits Over Dispute on Map App”) in the business section is a great reminder of what happens when you don’t walk in humility and apologize.  You can even lose your job as an Apple executive did.


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