Silas Rodriguez is right when he penned these condemning words:   “The most effective way to keep information from someone is to put it in a book” .  We don’t read anymore.


 2 questions for you….WHAT WAS THE LAST BOOK YOU READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH? No cheating, all the way through. So many of us are best known for our bookmarks at around page 50. Think how many books you have on a bookshelf with bookmarks in them.  You started them and then something “shiny” distracted you and you started another book.


Second question, WHAT ONE BOOK DO YOU WANT TO READ IN 2013? Pick “A” book to finish in 2013 and read it all the way through.  Get crazy and read two, maybe three.

I really want to know what you have read and what you will read.  I have always gained by reading books that have touched other people’s lives.  


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I don’t own a pocket NT

I don’t own a pocket NT



I don’t like them. I want the whole book.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they are “demonic” or “ichabod”. I think they are distracting.


The Bible is ONE story, ONE message, about ONE Man and His ONE mission.

I don’t think God gave us the OT & NT to separate them.

When I buy a book I want the whole book, not the ending only.

The ending does not make sense if I don’t allow the Author to expand the details “in the beginning”. When I know those details then the big picture makes sense; and the end becomes more amazing. I now see the journey from the amazing beginning to the incredible end.

Buy the whole book.

Just my musings.