The Danger of “GOING” to Church

There is a danger in “going TO church”.  I know this will lift some eyebrows.   It’s not about “going to” but “committing to”.

Read these powerful words from R Kent Hughes, pastor emeritus from the Wheaton Church, a commentary on those who will NOT commit to a local church:


“We have today ecclesiastical hitchhikers. The hitchhiker’s thumb says “you buy the car, you pay for the gas and the upkeep, you pay for the insurance—but I will ride with you.”
If you have an accident you are on your own. I may even sue. This is the creed of so many of today’s church attenders.
“You go to the meetings, you serve on the boards, you deal with
the issues, you pay the bills and I will come along for the ride. But if things do not suit me, I’ll criticize and complain and probably bail out—my thumb is always out for a better ride.”

These hitchhikers have their own vocabulary.  “I go to” or “I attend” but never “I am a member of”, that is too committal for them. 


There is a vast number of people out there without

accountability, without discipline or discipleship and without relationships that come from the body.”



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