Why Are Christians Cursing Today?

Cursing preachers don’t shock me nor impress me. Actually, I’m saddened for them. There is a trend that is happening more and more that pastors and christians think that cursing in the presence of other christians is okay. In fact, it’s becoming shockingly accepted.

There is a revelation that happens when I hear it.
I’m not even speaking about the pulpit cursers (that’s a whole other conversation) . I’m referring to everyday Starbucks conversations. This so called freedom to use language that I forbid my children to ever use, is ever growing and I hear it. So do I tell my children that I don’t want you using these words now but when you get older there will come a time you are allowed. How insane is that?

It still puzzles me how comfortable Christians are to curse in normal conversation. And it’s grieving when I hear pastors curse among pastors.



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