Every Saturday night around the world, ministers are wondering what they will say when they stand up and speak to their congregations on Sunday.

It is a sobering thought that people are coming, and even bringing friends, to hear something that will challenge and change their lives.  

More sobering, they are hoping to hear something from God.



Technology can be a great aid in communication of the gospel but there is a dangerous trend happening.


What is happening today with young pastors is GOOGLE has taken the place of PRAYER. 

It is easier than ever to google a sermon than it is to get it from God. Many pastors today are saying what other men are saying instead of saying what God has spoken. 

Be careful of becoming so proficient on a Mac that you lost proficiency in prayer. Be careful of logging into Facebook everyday that you  forget to get Face Time with the One that really counts. 

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you with a passage before you go to sermon.com. Be more than capable of explaining Scripture with Scripture rather than connecting Scripture with video.