Ever read a tough Bible verse and can’t figure out what it means?

What do you do to figure it out it’s meaning?


Sadly , Google is becoming the most common used commentary for people who don’t understand a Bible verse.

There are plenty of Bible verses that we read and don’t know what to do next with the mystery of a passage.

We have to have some plan.

I have some help for you and it’s very simple.


Here are some thoughts through the ages on how to get meaning from a passage.

It is simple but it’s profound.


This is the way I have read and studied the Bible

The second greatest resource you can have after a concordance is a THE TREASURY OF SCRIPTURE KNOWLEDGE.  It is ONE MILLION cross references on every verse of the Bible. It is the Thompson Chain Reference on steroids.  It is the greatest resource for interpreting a passage.  It interprets the Bible with the Bible.



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