Every Saturday night around the world, ministers are wondering what they will say when they stand up and speak to their congregations on Sunday.

It is a sobering thought that people are coming, and even bringing friends, to hear something that will challenge and change their lives.  

More sobering, they are hoping to hear something from God.



Technology can be a great aid in communication of the gospel but there is a dangerous trend happening.


What is happening today with young pastors is GOOGLE has taken the place of PRAYER. 

It is easier than ever to google a sermon than it is to get it from God. Many pastors today are saying what other men are saying instead of saying what God has spoken. 

Be careful of becoming so proficient on a Mac that you lost proficiency in prayer. Be careful of logging into Facebook everyday that you  forget to get Face Time with the One that really counts. 

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you with a passage before you go to sermon.com. Be more than capable of explaining Scripture with Scripture rather than connecting Scripture with video. 



Which one is it for you: “DOWNLOAD & LISTEN” OR “BE STILL & KNOW”?

We have an information overload today of not just secular information but also Christian.  You can download and watch any preacher and any church instantly.  I grew up in a time where there were no cassettes, CDs, MP3s and  podcasts.  Today, you can have the latest sermon minutes after the final amen.  There is nothing wrong with that unless it is REPLACING INSTEAD OF ENHANCING.


There are a number of books by AW Tozer that have affected my life.  One of those is “THE SET THE SAIL”


The whole thesis  of the book is to make sure you SAIL AND DON’T DRIFT.

Here is what Tozer says from the beginning…



“Sail, Don’t Drift : I find the greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it, but we sail, and not drift, nor live at anchor.”



Then Tozer speaks a foreign language to us today.

It is a language that we ministers don’t hear and don’t practice enough , if not at all.


Read his words….they are profound, they are simple and they are convicting.  Even at the end Tozer turns doctor and tells you how to get rid of ulcers.


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Prayer and Dice in the Upper Room

Prayer and dice in the upper room?  That seems just flat out wrong.

But something like that happens in a very key decision making moment.

When the disciples enter the upper room , they realize they are down one disciple (Judas’ suicide).  So they decide to select a 12th for the position in Acts 1.  Then something interesting happens.


Verse 24 says “and they prayed”


Now that’s a great move.

I would do the same.


But it doesn’t stop there.


Verse 25 says “and they drew lots”


Does that seem crazy?  Prayer and Lots.

They seem mutually exclusive

Meaning you can’t have both together, you should only have lots or prayer or people shooting dice , but not both prayer and lots.



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