How does Starbucks and Prayer go together for me?

How does Starbucks and Prayer go together for me?


Well let me tell you…..


Some of you know my  crazy hobby of collecting Starbucks Mugs from around the world. Starbucks has been making “city mugs” for probably about 15 years.

I have gone through 4 series of city mugs from Amman Jordan to Lima Peru to Ohio.  Not every city and country has one but many do.  Some you have even helped me collect them. Over the years I have collected probably close to 200 cities, states and countries.  I tell my wife it’s a cheap hobby, $10 a mug.


Well , yesterday I walked into Starbucks at the ATL airport and series #5 just came out and saw the brand new Atlanta mug.  Here we go….time to start a new collection. Box the old and now start drinking out of the new. I  got Atlanta, Denver and NYC, and there are a lot more to follow.

IMG 2997

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You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Wisdom and prayer go together

You can’t have one without the other.


No one who is wise is prayerless

And no one who is prayerless will ever be wise


You will never attain wisdom apart from the presence of God

Wisdom is not education or diplomas or degrees

Wisdom is supernatural and it is found when you walk with God

Colossians 2:3 says “all the treasures of wisdom is found in Him.”  So He is our source and THE source of wisdom.  You can have an MBA or a PHD and still be D-U-M-B.  

If God is divorced from your life, then you are divorced from the all Wise God. (Romans 16:27 “the only wise God”).


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