A challenge to all those who are ministering tomorrow

A challenge to all those who are ministering tomorrow.


I read this today as I am reading Ian Murray’s book on Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ life and ministry at Westminster Chapel called “MESSENGER OF GRACE”.

It’s not a biography but a bio of pastoring and preaching. It is very very powerful.


Messenger of grace lloyd jones

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I was told that  personally…

I was told that the day of the preacher is gone and I need to learn how to be a “communicator”.

“That is your problem”, the young pastor told me. He pastors an up and coming church. I think his success was now clouding his thoughts.

How sad that we are now letting culture and society dictate how the church is to operate.

Romans 10:14 “how will they hear without a communicator….” I think it says PREACHER.
I was reading an article last week called “the juvenilization of God”.  It’s basic premise is that we have dumbed down our services and are now treating our congregations like Junior High kids that need smoke, lights and lattes in order for people to come and listen to us “communicate”.
I happen to be one of those old fashioned guys that think Jesus is enough.
I know, here it comes….”We do all that, AND think Jesus is enough!” will be the cry of those blasting this post.
I would be quiet if the message wasn’t getting dumbed down also. I think the message is getting effected now by the means. I think true preaching is best defined by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones who said it was “theology on fire.”
We dress up better on Mondays now then we do on Sundays.  God forbid if someone “communicates” longer than 17-21 minutes.  It would be “ichabod” if we didn’t have a schedule that told us what was next on the agenda.  And how dare you call your church by some religious name like “revival” , “tabernacle”, “redeemer” and not use words like “community” and non religious terms in the name.
I think we are getting intoxicated with pursuits after misplaced passions.  After the flat screens, the macchiatos, flip flops and Hawaiian shirts, a bunch of metaphorical songs about sloppy wet kisses are done….if the Holy Spirit descends, then who am I to say anything.  Then keep on sipping, flip flopping, and singing metaphors. But if there is no fire, conviction, repentance, but just simply adjusting the church to fit your mode of life then we have missed it….BIG TIME. 
“If the church tries to be embraceable by everyone
we lose our power to Influence anyone.”
                                                    ~ JR