How does Starbucks and Prayer go together for me?

How does Starbucks and Prayer go together for me?


Well let me tell you…..


Some of you know my  crazy hobby of collecting Starbucks Mugs from around the world. Starbucks has been making “city mugs” for probably about 15 years.

I have gone through 4 series of city mugs from Amman Jordan to Lima Peru to Ohio.  Not every city and country has one but many do.  Some you have even helped me collect them. Over the years I have collected probably close to 200 cities, states and countries.  I tell my wife it’s a cheap hobby, $10 a mug.


Well , yesterday I walked into Starbucks at the ATL airport and series #5 just came out and saw the brand new Atlanta mug.  Here we go….time to start a new collection. Box the old and now start drinking out of the new. I  got Atlanta, Denver and NYC, and there are a lot more to follow.

IMG 2997

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John Wesley’s Feeling About Starbucks

Every day I try to read from John Wesley’s journal.


This was  the  entry from Wesley’s journal I read yesterday: the heading to the Tuesday the 7th date was “Wesley Rides 2400 Miles in 7 Months”.  If there was a hard working preacher who cared about the lost and the body of Christ, it was John Wesley.

John Wesley averaged, during a period of fifty-four years, about five thousand miles a year, making in all some two hundred and ninety thousand miles, a distance equal to circumnavigating the globe about twelve times. It must not be forgotten that most of this travel was on horseback. Think of riding around the globe on horseback twelve times!

Just for that reason , give weight to his prophetic words from his journal.


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