I love the phrase “and He added no more” from…

Deuteronomy 5:22

“These words the Lord spoke….with a great voice, AND HE ADDED NO MORE….”

“These words” that Moses is speaking of are the 10 commandments, the Decalogue.


Have you ever sat in a lecture, a staff meeting and dare I say it a church service and wish the talking would stop.  That it would be over but they kept going on and on.

I remember the story of the Gettysburg address….”4 score and 7 years ago” spoken by Abraham Lincoln.  The man before Lincoln, Edward Everett spoke for 2 and half hours.  Lincoln spoke 270 words. No one remembers Everett  but centuries later we still remember Lincoln’s words.  

Less is not more if less has no substance.

And Lincoln’s less had substance


Greater than a Gettysburg address is what God spoke 5 millenniums ago and it is still remembered and quoted and lived by.


God  is The Great Economist, even when it comes to words

not a word wasted

No man can add to what God said because nothing needs to be added.



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