My Non-Medical Opinion

(please don’t think I am belittling any disorder)


I am amazed that if any child is active today and has a short attention span, they are immediately labeled as ADD or ADHD.  Active, short attention span….??? C’mon folks that is the definition of “children” in the dictionary. And I have 4 of them.

I have this funny notion that since our society has looked  down on spanking and because  schools have removed corporal punishment, there seems to be a strong coincidence with the rise of these new disorders.

Less discipline then more diagnosis and new capital letters. I want to capitalize letters too…..K-I-D-S.

I would also add to the list the loss of children wanting to be outside playing .They have lost the desire to be out of the house and the ability to be creative because of  game systems. The games have taken away the imagination of our children.  Where we could find incredible uses for pieces of wood, dad’s tools and trees…. now we just stare at screens.  No one builds a tree house anymore.  We would rather arm ourselves with automatic assault weapons and walk through the streets of some middle eastern country with our fellow naval seals and we are only just 10 years old.

Ritalin is our new and easy answer. Ritalin I believe has replaced spanking and playing outside. It so much easier to give medication than to raise children.

You may think of me as simplistic and insensitive to those who really have this disorder. It’s not meant to be.  I just have a funny feeling about all this ADD stuff.