The children and I watched a great documentary the other day “BEING ELMO”.

It is the story of the puppeteer Kevin Clash, who is the voice of Elmo.  He was raised in the projects of Baltimore and loved making puppets as a high school student and performing their magic to children all over the inner city of Baltimore.  He was bullied in HS and was made fun of constantly because this giant kid did not play sports and do what others were doing.

I think of the words of the Catholic Priest Brennan Manning…

‎”A Tragedy is that our attention centers on what people are not, rather than on what they are and who they might become.”

People missed that in Kevin.
They missed “who he might become!”
I wonder who is better off now…
The bully basketball player or Kevin?

He cited his parents as his encouragement, that kept him puppeteering
despite the comments from Kevin’s peers. And $5 million dollars a year later,
I think Kevin has done “a little” better than the naysayers in his school.

Bullying is a hot topic today.  We need to get our amazing children through that battle.  Usually what happens, is the bullied kid is the genius. He is bullied because he doesn’t fit the “mobs” mold.  If we give them what they need to get through that affliction, it’s usually the bullied child that goes on to do way more than what the so called “popular” ones end up doing. One day the bullies will be calling that child sir and boss.
Parents , don’t let bullies rape your children of their gifts and creativity.
Just because one of our children is not what everyone else thinks he should be….
doesn’t mean he is weird or he is abnormal…..HE JUST  MAY BE ELMO!


  1. Thank you for this. I have a son who is 14 who has gotten beat up twice in my neighborhood playground by HS kids, he is oy in JHS.These HS kids have been bullying him and for what seemed no reason. But reading this I know that is because my son is not the average kid, not into the things they are into. I recently started going to Brooklyn Tabernacle, 3 times to be exact, 2 of which you were the preacher…I’ve noticed when I go to church the devil attacks me by attacking my kids, therefore, they must be destined for great things. I was a bit discouraged, but reading this I now know that my son must be destined for great things and as you said on your sermon on 5/29/12, through the power of prayer we will get through this and more. God bless and keep us in prayer.

  2. Saw this documentary last month! Quite an encouraging story! I believe as parents, we too can rape our children of their gifts and creativity! It is inspiring to see what a child can become because of his parent’s encouragement!

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