The Gladiator is Going to be Noah

Maximus is going to be Noah!

“Gladiator” Russell Crowe as Noah?!  What?!!!   Your kidding me??? Well, it’s true and it’s happening as I write. It’s in today’s Wall Street Journal. Ready for this?  Will Smith is doing Cain and Abel and Steven Spielberg is doing Moses called “Gods and Kings”. I can’t wait. You need to check out todays WSJ article. 

The article is called “Hollywood’s New Bible Stories”

You can read it at:



Russell Crowe is filming RIGHT NOW the NOAH movie in Iceland. No dis to Steve Carell but RC is the man. I know it’s not in the Genesis account but I’m hoping that at some point of the flood story Noah either tells the planet “what you do now will echo for eternity” or to Ham, Shem and Japheth “strength and honor” as he gathers the dirt from the ground . 


The WSJ article said there are some good reasons why they are doing this.  Here is what they said:

“There are compelling economic reasons for Hollywood to embrace the Good Book. The studios are increasingly reliant on source material with a built-in audience, something the Bible—the best-selling book in history—certainly has. And like the comic-book superheroes that movie companies have relied on for the past decade, biblical stories are easily recognizable to both domestic and the all-important foreign audiences. What’s more, they’re free: Studios don’t need to pay expensive licensing fees to adapt stories and characters already in the public domain.”



I happen to think that maybe God is just making Himself known. 

I happen to think that no one can shut out God. Not a Communist country, an Islamic country , nor Hollywood.  You like how I grouped these together.



 The article also said some liberties would be taken in the silent spots of the Biblical stories. I just hope the liberty sounds like Maximus. Just kidding. I want it to be Biblical.   They even talked of a “Passion of the Christ” sequel. That one is easy….He’s alive!!!




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