The New Replacement Word for God Today

I hear this word a lot today….KARMA


When we as a nation abandon God and choose things less convicting of our sin, then we embrace such things as “karma” .  It is now the new word that is replacing “God” but yet satisfies the spiritual nature of all us.  We would rather say “karma” then “God”.


Since God says “eternity is in our hearts” (Eccl 3:11) , something in us shouts for justice over the evils of mankind.  So we have opted for “karma”; introduced to us by Buddhism and Hinduism but made popular  from the 80’s New Age movement.  It is man’s hope that what goes around comes around.


When we let go of the Judeo Christian values that our society was built on, with a heaven, a hell and God’s judgement….then we need to have some type of eternal justice to count on,  so that is why we latch onto “karma”.  

Karma is impersonal and some force. 

So we want cosmic justice but we don’t want to be personally responsible to a Personal God of the Universe for our own actions. 

Let me just be clear… don’t want Karma you want God.

Karma gives you what you deserve.  

That’s not God.

There is no mercy or grace built into Karma.

God gives us grace and mercy.  “Mercy is God not punishing us as our sins deserve, and grace is God blessing us despite the fact that we do not deserve it.”

Grace, God giving me what I don’t deserve.

Mercy, God not giving me what I do deserve.


Be careful of what you ask for.  Choose God a million times over Karma.

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  1. for many years . people has been using the word , mother nature. those are the ones who don’t believe in god. I don’t like that word mother nature.

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