Too Much Bronze in the House of God

Read this crazy story from II Chronicles 12

10 Then King Rehoboam made shields of bronze in their place and committed them to the care of the commanders of the guard who guarded the door of the kings house

9 So Shishak king of Egypt came up against Jerusalem, and took the treasures of the house of the Lord and the treasures of the kings palace. He took everything; he even took the golden shields which Solomon had made. 10 Then King Rehoboam made shields of bronze in their place and committed them to the care of the commanders of the guard who guarded the door of the kings house. 11 As often as the king entered the house of the Lord, the guards came and carried them and then brought them back into the guards room


These Bronze Shields are a strange phenomenon in the life of Rehoboam. 

They are replicas of the real thing.

They are hypocrite shields.

They are make believe.

They are their for the show but not for the battle.


Egypt comes in and takes the treasures of the house of the Lord 

They take Rehoboam’s dad’s shields of gold with the invasion.

So no more gold shields.


So Rehoboam , instead of admitting that they have no shields, decides to make shields of bronze to replace the gold ones.

same color as gold

same size as the other shields

but bronze is not gold


Every time the king would enter the house the show would start

The bronze shields are brought out

They work great for the show but would be descimated if really used in battle


That is what is happening today

We have bronze shields in the house of God


When the king walks out , the bronze comes out

But these are just stage props

These are not battle ready

Most of the stuff we do for our church services….songs, sermons, prayers, altar calls are not battle ready 

It’s usually bronze


We need the real thing

we need real prayer, real conviction, real repentance


So much bronze in the house of God


God help us before the battle comes

May we realize the bronze in the presence of God rather than on the battle field

If we wait that long there will be casualties


There is bronze in our message

We have googled rather than been on our knees

We have seen what other men have spoken and not what God has spoken


There is bronze in our worship

We have sung so many songs that have talked about us and less and less about the One Who made “us” even possible

We are singing songs that are so technical and so entrenched on metaphors and stories that we have lost sight of the simple Savior 

We don’t hear the name Jesus in our songs any more

There is too much bronze in our worship


And there is bronze at the end of the message

We have lost conviction and repentance and altar calls

We are so bent on moving the crowd out for our multiple services that we have focuses more on the parking mayhem rather than the mayhem in our people’s souls that need an experience with God.

We have made time for videos, specials, skits, but not an altar

The altar call is not magical 

But there is something about having people respond to an altar call and humbling themselves by saying “that’s me; I’m that man.”


Bronze from a distance looks like gold

and from a distance it looks like all is well 

But unless God comes and melts the bronze , the spiritual battles that are ahead for this nation will wipe out the bronze and all that will be left our memories of contemporary services that bought into the bronze. We have failed to ask the question before incorporating name changes of our churches to “community”, latte bars, 60 minute services and communicating instead of preaching….and that question must be


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  1. We have bronze all over our messages in church…. Lets pick a topic or theme and incorporate a few scripture verses in it. How about we pick scripture passages and incorporate topics and points into it.

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