Those words may sound funny but I think this is happening today.

Something similar happened thousands of years ago in II Kings 22.  When Josiah became king he wanted the temple to be repaired. He was a reformer king, a revival king; and while they were fixing up the temple they found God’s Word which had been lost in His house.



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They actually lost the Bible in the house of God.

Isn’t that crazy?  Thousands of years ago they were having services but no one could find the Word of God in the house anymore.  


So my question is what were they talking about?  What were they doing in the temple service when it came time for the reading of the Word?  Was it just men giving their opinion?  They had to be saying something.


This may be the testimony of today’s house of worship. I think we have lost His book in His house.


The house of God is to be the place for the Word of God. The job of the pastor, the preacher is to communicate God’s Word.  Illustrations, life experiences should all surround making a passage of Scripture come alive to people.  


Are you in a church that says “turn in your Bibles”?

Are you in a church that you actually need your Bibles?

Are we as pastors teaching them the Bible?





Ian Murray said, “If Biblical truth becomes secondary to our churches then there is no great preacher.

The preacher’s first and supreme  concern has to be that his words are an expression of the mind of God in Scripture. The preacher is nothing unless he is an interpreter and exegete of revelation….to expect the Holy Spirit to give His aid to what are merely our ideas is to desecrate the pulpit.”


“The pulpit and the Bible go together. If one sinks, it carries down the other; if one drops out of the popular faith the other dies.  Neither is ever resuscitated alone.

Preaching has to begin with the objective, with divine revelation.”  D Martyn Lloyd-Jones



May His Word never have to be searched for in His church.  The Word being lost in the church means it has not taken priority in His minister’s heart.

When we find ourselves reading other things instead of His Word, the book will get lost.  When we are constantly having to search the internet for what to say to the people God has given us, we are in the process of losing the book.  

The  way to find the Book is to find it alive again in our personal and private lives.  


Get alone with His book today.


Get lost in The Book and then The Book won’t get lost.  



5 decades ago, a German Theologian penned these very eery but prophetic words, long before Apple computers, screens, smoke machines and lattes:


theologian Helmut Thielicke insightfully critiqued those who were turning church services into “shows” suggesting that…..

“a preacher who can draw enough of attention to his vestments (and show) may suppose  that he can divert attention from the poverty of his thoughts (and devotional life)”


When we fail to cultivate the mind of Christ we are forced into shallow substitutes–movie clips, catchy powerpoints, and constant humor–to mask the emptiness of our thinking and our heart




Our people, our churches, our pastors need to FIND THE BOOK AGAIN.  



  1. My favorite verse you have written here is this, “When we fail to cultivate the mind of Christ we are forced into shallow substitutes…”
    There is a numbing of the senses and a searing (as a hot-iron!) of the conscience mind with the modern “luxuries”. Not many people think twice about the ’emptiness of heart’ because their minds are full of the ‘things of this world’. Lusts have occupied the minds and opened the hearts to the wrong things.
    A dear Pastor once said, “If you don’t teach your children about Jesus, the Devil will certainly teach them about himself.” As a parent is a child’s first teacher, this message you have brought forth shows the need for reaching into the hearts of our youth on an even greater level than ever before. They, after all, will be the next Pastors and congregants to hear God’s Word, Teach God’s Word and Live God’s Word. As Josiah led the people, we as adults need to leave our Bibles on the kitchen tables! Where everyone can have an opportunity to read it as meat for the body and leave another one open on the coffee table for dessert!
    Love your blogs & posts! Keep them coming!
    Cherone Yagmin

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