Here is our only description of Jesus that we have in the Bible…
With all the pictures we have today that have been painted of Him, you would think we would have hundreds of verses on His appearance.

Isaiah 53:2 (THE MESSAGE)
The servant grew up before God– a scrawny seedling,
a scrubby plant in a parched field.
There was nothing attractive about him,
nothing to cause us to take a second look.

This verse refers to the physical appearance of Jesus.  I don’t know about you , this verse doesn’t seem to match the head of Jesus on all those paintings?
Anyone with me?

This passage  made me think of a section in Malcolm Gladwell’s book BLINK on the physical appearance of American CEO’s

The average male is 5 foot 9 in.  The average CEO in America is about 6 ft tall.  That means he has 3 inches on the average male.
In the US population 14.5% of all men are 6 ft and taller
Among the CEOs of fortune 500 companies that number is 58%

Even more striking  in the general American population 3.9% of adult men are 6 ft 2 in and taller.  Almost a third of CEOs are 6’2” and taller

Of the tens of millions of American men below 5’6” a grand total of 10 have reached the CEO level that says that being short is more of a handicap than being black or a woman.

An inch is worth an extra $789 a year in salary
That means that a person who is 6 ft tall  and a 5’5” person will make on average $5525 more a year than the shorter man
If you take this over a 30 year career a tall person makes hundreds of thousands of dollars more than the short guy

This was from Malcolm Gladwell’s book “BLINK” on the “Warren Harding Error”
He was 6 feet tall
His speeches were once described as “an army of pompous phrases moving over the landscape in search of an idea” but he was tall.

My friend Dr RT Kendall said this about Jesus’ appearance from his book “WHY JESUS DIED”
“The Messiah’s appearance was a great disappointment to all. We like our leaders to look the part. He had no appearance that made people want to follow Him…..The Jews honestly thought that the Messiah would be instantly recognizable, immensely popular and impossible not to notice.”

I think of what Jacob said in Genesis 28:16
“Surely the Lord is in this place and I was not aware of it”

One thing is certain….we shall see Him one day. You will see Him.
Every person who has ever lived will see Him.

Wow, God’s ways are really higher than our ways.  We are so tainted by media and the visual
We would have definitely wanted the 6’ 1” Jesus and the  good looking Jesus…
But God did not show up like most preachers dress and look today.
Just watch Christian television and Jesus was no where near to what they look like.
He showed up like your old “woodshop” teacher from high school days
Who would have thought that Mr Babbet would be the Messiah?

2 thoughts on “WHAT DOES JESUS LOOK LIKE?”

  1. The good thing is we (He and I) will know each other instantly. I can’t wait to hug Him and tell Him thank you for all He’s done for me personally…

  2. Pastor Tim I love your blog. It is always thought provoking and this post is the same…I am in ministry and it so encouraging to me that Jesus would have looked like a high school teacher etc. B/c that means that someday one of the kids I teach could look back and say wow, Pastor Heather really looked like Jesus.

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