What is God saying to You and not to Everyone Else

The words of Jonathan Edwards , the great revivalist, stand true today in our information saturated church age:  “The task of every generation is to discover in which direction the Sovereign Redeemer is moving, then move in that direction”



We are trying to find direction for our church and our ministry through conferences, books and other leaders. And none of these means has your answer for your local church or the ministry that you are in charge of.




The past revivals were all different.

Some emphasized prayer, doctrine, evangelism, the poor, repentance and such. But nothing was carbon copied.  Once you carbon copy someone or something you lose the distinction that God wants to give you.


When it comes to infrastructure, you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel.”  But when it comes to what God wants to do in you and in His church, that is distinct and no man but the Sovereign Redeemer can tell you that.  


The question is NOT “what is God saying to THE church?”  It is “What is God saying to MY church?”

And that answer will not be found in Atlanta, Houston, Dallas or NYC.  That answer is found with no crowds, no lighting, no smoke machines, no registration  booth and no author.  It is found on your hands and knees asking the Omniscient God, “Speak for Thy servant listeneth?”


Ask Him. He will tell you.

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