Which one is it for you: “DOWNLOAD & LISTEN” OR “BE STILL & KNOW”?

We have an information overload today of not just secular information but also Christian.  You can download and watch any preacher and any church instantly.  I grew up in a time where there were no cassettes, CDs, MP3s and  podcasts.  Today, you can have the latest sermon minutes after the final amen.  There is nothing wrong with that unless it is REPLACING INSTEAD OF ENHANCING.


There are a number of books by AW Tozer that have affected my life.  One of those is “THE SET THE SAIL”


The whole thesis  of the book is to make sure you SAIL AND DON’T DRIFT.

Here is what Tozer says from the beginning…



“Sail, Don’t Drift : I find the greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it, but we sail, and not drift, nor live at anchor.”



Then Tozer speaks a foreign language to us today.

It is a language that we ministers don’t hear and don’t practice enough , if not at all.


Read his words….they are profound, they are simple and they are convicting.  Even at the end Tozer turns doctor and tells you how to get rid of ulcers.


Here are Tozer’s words from “THE SET THE SAIL”:




“There is a school where the soul must go to learn its best eternal lessons. It is the school of silence. “Be still and know,” said the psalmist, and there is a profoundphilosophy there, of universal application.  



3 My heart was hot within me,

While I was musing the fire burned;

Then I spoke with my tongue:

(Psalms 39:3)




There is a tip here for God’s modern prophets. The heart seldom gets hot while the mouth is open. A closed mouth before God and a silent heart are indispensable for the reception of certain kinds of truth.


No man is qualified to speak who has not first listened.




Listen in the silence for the deep voice of the Eternal God. The experience, if repeated often enough, would do more to cure our ulcers than all the pills that ever rolled across a desk.”




My concluding thought:  


Where are the men today that will hear what God says.

Today’s mantra is “download and listen” instead of  “be still and know”.

It is in being still that we can know God’s voice and God’s heart to us, His church and to this generation.


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