Listen to this quote from Albert Einstein. 

“A hundred times a day I remind myself that my life depends on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received”



This is so true.  I am who I am today from the investment of so many great and godly people in my life.  

People who never build relationships or reach out for those who have “more journey than you” , never experience the joy of investment.

Do you know how much time, money and pain I have saved by listening to those who are much wiser than I am.  

“More journey than me” means they are older, wiser, and way more experienced with God, others and life.

Those who are further down the road than I am , know the potholes, the construction zones, the bad exits, and all the spots that have great sight seeing.  I need those alive and dead who are way further ahead than I am.  


I feel bad for people that will take the time to comment on a quote  on FB that in their mind is wrong or even bring correction to  some great theologian from the past. I would rather be indebted like Einstein says than being the “quote police” to protect humanity.  You don’t have to be “Einstein” to find someone to be indebted to…..just be willing to be teachable and to not know all the answers.    



Who are you indebted to?

Who do you have in your life that has “way more journey than you” and you listen to them?


I have a rule……when you are with these people….you should never end a sentence with a period only question marks.  Learn!


Call, text, email or snail mail them a thank you….today!

I just did


I am so in debt…..I owe so many BIG TIME.  


“There is no such thing as a self made man

we are made up of thousands of others

everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us or spoken an encouraging word to us has entered into the make up of our character as well as our successes”

George Adams

4 thoughts on “WHO DO YOU OWE?”

  1. Tim…you are one of those who “spoke an encouraging word” that “has entered into the make up of my character”. What begin with Detroit Outreach and Fa-Ho-Lo camps and continued as I followed your consistent life with God has spoke volumes into my life. For that, I say a heartfelt thanks! Mike Simpson

  2. Thank you for ministering into my life daily. Apart from being fed from my own daily devotions with my Father, I am always fired up after hearing a sermon from you! Your life has “Follower of Jesus Christ” written all over it, and I look at you as HUGE example. Thank You Pastor Tim!!

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