Why Are Christians Cursing Today?

Cursing preachers don’t shock me nor impress me. Actually, I’m saddened for them. There is a trend that is happening more and more that pastors and christians think that cursing in the presence of other christians is okay. In fact, it’s becoming shockingly accepted.

There is a revelation that happens when I hear it.
I’m not even speaking about the pulpit cursers (that’s a whole other conversation) . I’m referring to everyday Starbucks conversations. This so called freedom to use language that I forbid my children to ever use, is ever growing and I hear it. So do I tell my children that I don’t want you using these words now but when you get older there will come a time you are allowed. How insane is that?

It still puzzles me how comfortable Christians are to curse in normal conversation. And it’s grieving when I hear pastors curse among pastors.



Christians who curse think they are adding emphasis to their conversation when in actuality they have just revealed they have no authority when they talk.

A man with authority does not need profanity to help get his appoint across. 
Why? Because God given authority always adds weight to every word he speaks.
If the mouth speaks from the heart, then your mouth just revealed something about your heart.
It takes concentration and effort for a Christian to curse. You have to bust through all warning signs of the Holy Spirit and fly by Bible passages like Ephesians 5:4, just to say those words. And after they come out, it’s not impressive it’s revelation. You did not show me how current you are, you showed me uncleanness.

It’s the Christian with an unclean heart that must use profane words , curses and inappropriate language to make a point. 
So when you are upset or angry with your children or the car in front of you , is that your excuse to let them know how serious you are because you can venture into unchartered territories of Christian liberty.

When they do that , they have revealed more about themselves than they probably thought. They are not telling you they are relevant and contemporary but they have exposed themselves as void of authority and there is something not right…..not with the mouth but with the heart.


Ephesians 4:29

29 Dont use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them.

2 thoughts on “Why Are Christians Cursing Today?”

  1. Thank you…. I have found my moth has had it’s moments…. I will work harder at making it better through Jesus Christ.

  2. Preach it!!! Amen! Thank you Pastor Tim for addressing a topic that so many have turned aside from! You were right on! when you said, “If the mouth speaks from the heart, then your mouth just revealed something about your heart”. I LOVE this message!

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